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Shemini Hag Atseret/Simha Torah Meals Registration

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Mikveh Israel offers meals during all Jewish Holidays, including 1st and 2nd night Seders, along with complete lunch meals. We also host Friday evening meals and Shabbat Lunch. No meals are offered during Hol Hamo'ed. We are under the Kashrut Supervision of the Keystone-K, and follow the Sephardic Guidelines of Kashrut for Passover and year round. Be sure to reserve your meals for an incredible experience. Mikveh Israel offers a true Sephardic atmosphere, not to be missed.


Please register by Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Eve of Shemini Hag Atseret

Eve of Shemini Hag Atseret (Children 6-12)

Eve of Shemini Hag Atseret (children under 5)

Shemini Hag Atseret Lunch

Shemini Hag Atseret Lunch (children 6-12)

Shemini Hag Atseret Lunch (children under 5)

Eve of Simha Torah

Eve of Simha Torah (children 6-12)

Eve of Simha Torah (children under 5)

Simha Torah Lunch

Simha Torah Lunch (children 6-12)

Simha Torah Lunch (children under 5)