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Volunteer Opportunities

Congregation Mikveh Israel has many exciting programs and events that happen all year round.  From lectures to film festivals to parties, none of these could happen without our volunteers.  We are very thankful and appreciative of our volunteers who do so much.  We would like to invite all of our Mikveh Israel family to volunteer to help out, whether it is for a committee, a program, an event, or a fundraiser.  We need you!


Below are some of the volunteer opportunities available:


Visiting Volunteers
Unfortunately, people get sick or homebound.  It is a mitzvah to help people in need.  If you are interested in visiting and helping those of our congregants who are homebound or in a nursing home, please let Rabbi Gabbai know.  He will be happy to give you the opportunity.



Although we do many things electronically now, the office still needs to do certain mailings every so often.  Some of these mailings are quite large.  Please let the office know if we can put you on our list of people to call when we need envelopes to be stuffed.  Your help is greatly appreciated!



We are very happy to inform you that because of the great reputation of our synagogue, we are constantly welcoming visitors from all over the country and the world. 

At this time, we have a schedule for our docents, but there are still some time slots which must be filled.  If you like meeting interesting people and telling Mikveh Israel's story, then this job is for you!!  You only need to volunteer a few hours in a morning or choose an day a week or more....we can guarantee that you will be thrilled meeting new people and bragging about our historic congregation. 

Please call the office, 215-922-5446, to add your name to the list of docents.  Training is available and will only take an hour of your time. 

Don't be shy...don't hesitate. Become a Mikveh Israel docent!


Mikveh Israel Association

The Mikveh Israel Association puts on monthly programs, as well as holiday parties that are enjoyed by all.  Volunteers are needed to organize events, help out with setting up and taking tickets, buying supplies and everything else.  If you enjoy what the Association does, consider giving a few hours of your time to volunteer at an Association event.  Call the office at (215) 922-5446 or speak to Mrs. Fran Levy, Association President.


Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop is open for business but we need volunteers to come and man the store so we can have additional hours.  Please let the office know if you are available during the week or on Sunday mornings to help out.  You won't regret it!


Grant Opportunities

Are you able to follow directions really carefully and to write well?  Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference for Mikveh Israel?  Consider volunteering to help search for and to write grants.  There are many grants out there and some of them would be perfect for Mikveh Israel.  Please let the Parnas Mark Wolfson or the Executive Director Lea Alvo-Sadiky know if you would be interested in helping out in this area.




Are you good at organizing parties or events?  Do you like helping out at events?  Are you good at making fliers?  Are you willing to purchase what's needed for an event?  Are you an organized person?  Give the office a call and let us know!  We are always looking for volunteers to help plan, organize, set up, publicize and do whatever is needed to make an event successful. 


Get Involved

There are plenty of other opportunities to help out at Mikveh Israel.  Consider sharing your talents and time by joining a committee, giving a class, or doing something else to help make our synagogue grow and be more responsive tour congregants needs and desires.



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