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Society of Friends of Mikveh Israel

Greetings and welcome to guests and visitors of
Congregation Mikveh Israel,
The Synagogue of the American Revolution!

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What It Is
The Society of Friends of Mikveh Israel is a society of people who support our historical congregation. Congregation Mikveh Israel has been an integral thread in the fabric of Philadelphia since 1740.  During the War of Independence, our members joined the ranks of the Patriots and fought in the Revolutionary Army, as well as financially supported the revolutionary efforts. In fact, Haym Salomon, a member of our congregation and an American hero, donated his entire fortune to the revolutionary cause, only to die penniless; such was his fervor and belief for this great country and the liberty it promised.  After the War of Independence, Congregation Mikveh Israel, together with the congregations of New York, Charleston and Richmond, wrote a letter to George Washington telling him how happy they were upon his becoming President of the United States. George Washington sent a reply that we still possess.  A copy is on display in our lobby. His letter is an eloquent expression of religious harmony and a statement of the most fundamental tenets of American democracy.


What You Can Do
By becoming a Society of Friends of Mikveh Israel member you will help make it possible for this historic Jewish community to continue to survive and thrive. Funds from the Society of Friends of Mikveh Israel will be used to maintain our beautiful synagogue and our Archives. Your membership, which is tax deductible, contributes to the celebration of the heritage of Philadelphia and this special synagogue. We hope that you will be able to join us together with many others accross the Nation for this unique opportunity to become part of Mikveh Israel's history! Please complete the form here if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Member of our Society of Friends of Mikveh Israel.

What You Get In Return
Members of the Society of Friends of Mikveh Israel members will receive a beautiful copy of the George Washington letter. Contributing and Sustaining Members will receive additional benefits to be announced.


Levels of Participation
  • Individual Membership - $54 annually.
  • Couple Membership - $100 annually
  • Family Membership - $180 annually
  • Supporting Member - $360 annually
  • Contributing Member - $540 annually
  • Sustaining Member - $1,200 annually
  • Patron Member - $1,800 annually


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