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AMIA Thank You

Thanks to all who attended our AMIACommemoration program this morning at Congregation Mikveh Israel. We werehonored to be joined by representatives from the Consulate General of Israel inPhilly, the Consul General of Argentina in New York, and the Managing Directorof the City of Philadelphia Government, among other community leaders. Ourthoughts today go out to the victims of the attack and their families. — atCongregation Mikveh Israel. 

Gracias a todos por apoyar laConmemoración AMIA esta mañana en la Congregación Mikveh Israel. Fuimoshonrados con la presencia de altos dignatarios: El Cónsul General de Israel enPhiladelphia, el Cónsul General de Argentina en NY, y el Director Ejecutivo delGobierno de la Ciudád de Filadelfia, así como también otros líderes de lacomunidád. Hoy nos sentimos unidos a las víctimas y familiares de quienessufrieron por aquel ataque. Gracias Fabio Filipuzzi por prestarnos tu magníficaBandera!


AMIA Commemoration

AMIA Commemoration

Lt. Aharon Karov Lecture


Attendees at event

Attending the event from left to right:  Tzvia Wexler, Rabbi Albert Gabbai, Lt. Aharon Karov, Carol Marchand, Liliana Elkouss, Barbara Freedman and Jared Ben Caro.


Holocaust Remembrance Day
On the occasion of 
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Monday, January 27, 2014 
the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia 
presented at Congregation Mikveh Israel

Witnesses of Rebirth
Jewish Refugees in Apulia 

Introductory remarks were made by Rabbi Albert Gabbai, Andrea Canepari, 
Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia, Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Director of Commerce, and Marcia Bronstein, Regional Director of the AJC.
Fabrizio Lelli, Associate Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy)

And a screening of the movie
Salento, a Bridge to Israel (directed by Mandy Feingers, Jerusalem 2007).

Pictures from the event are below:


Alan Greenberger
Alan Greenberger

Andrea Canepari, Italian Consul General


Marcia Bronstein


Prof. Fabrizio Lelli
Prof. Fabrizio Lelli

Video from Zev Golan Lecture
On Monday November 18, 2013, Zev Golan, one of the world's experts on the pre-State Jewish underground war against the British, spoke at Congregation Mikveh Israel on "The Modern Maccabees Who Created Israel: The Irgun & Stern Group." Our friend and member Constantin Raducan generously took video of the event. 



Unveiling of Portrait of Rev. Leon H. Elmaleh
On Sunday, November 10, 2013, Mr. E. Michael Elmaleh and Ms. Francine Elmaleh
Children of Col. Joseph S. Elmaleh, Esq. and Dr. Miriam K. Elmaleh unveiled the oil portrait of their grandfather, The Reverend Leon H. Elmaleh, Minister of Congregation Mikveh Israel from 1898-1927, which they donated to the synagogue
in memory of their parents.

Our friend and member Constantin Raducan generously took video of the event that you can watch below.




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