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Mikveh Israel In The News

Recent Articles

Recently, Congregation Mikveh Israel has been the subject or part of several news articles.

A Magic Dinner by Sally Friedman in the Philadelphia Inquirer describes the longstanding Annual Fellowship Dinner that Congregation Mikveh Israel has with our neighbor Christ Church. 

Rabbi Shalom Morris has written a warm article about his visit to Congregation Mikveh Israel on his blog "Shalom Says Hello" that can be found by clicking here.

Touring Jewish Philly by Joe Sugarman is a wonderful article about Jewish Philadelphia which mentions us several times.


Here is a link to an article in the Jewish Exponent about our First Gala honoring Leon L. Levy, which you can read by clicking here.


Another article in the Jewish Exponent about the dedication of the Uriah P. Levy statue on 5th Street can be read by clicking here

Here is an article about Rabbi Albert Gabbai from Mishpacha Magazine called "Riches to Rags: Egypt's Last Exodus" by Barbara Bensoussan.

The National Jewish Outreach Program did an article about Congregation Mikveh Israel for their daily Jewish Treats email, which can be seen here.


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