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Classes with the Rabbi
Classes with Rabbi Gabbai and Rabbi Zarnighian
Do you wish to read the Haftarah and /or Zemirot in memory of a loved one? Or in honor of a special occasion? Or just for the pleasure of it? Please call the office, 215-922-5446, and Rabbi Gabbai will be glad to meet with you.
Are you ready to learn to read Hebrew in five easy lessons? Do you need to brush up on your Hebrew? No prerequisites! Please call the office, 215-922-5446, to register.


Classes on Zoom
-Mondays with Rabbi Gabbai:
6:00 P.M. Pirke Abot, The Ethics of our Ancestors
7:00 P.M. Maimonides

-Wednesdays with Rabbi Zarnighian
5:30 P.M. Jewish Classics: The Giants of Spain:
The kuzari and the Foundations of the Jewish People

-Thursday with Rabbi Gabbai
7:00 P.M. Pre-Shabbat Torah and Custom Discussion


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